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Sagar JadhavI am Sagar, the lead author and creator of TecworkZ. Professionally, I am an engineer with electronics and telecommunications degree and I have also completed my MBA in marketing. But personally, I am a passionate admirer of technology and electronics gadgets especially smartphones and tablets. So, to share my knowledge, experiences and most importantly my passion for these wonderful devices, I started TecworkZ.

I created this blog towards the end of my college, as a hobby to share my views and opinions with my friends, with a sole purpose to provide them with authentic and honest advice regarding their smartphones and tablets. However, after few months I made TecworkZ a profession blog. The biggest motivation for me to make it professional was to save people from wasting their hard earned money and time on devices that are not worth it.

I found that many users are unsatisfied after buying their phone and tablets out of ignorance and mainly because of lack of honest opinions available in the market and on the internet. I was literally baffled whenever I see shopkeepers and retailers giving wrong information just to earn high margins or to make their profits at the expense of customer’s loss. All these reasons encouraged me to make the platform of TecworkZ, where users get truthful and trustworthy reviews based on hands on experience of each device, which will help users in taking an informed decision before buying their smartphone or tablet.

Why follow TecworkZ ?

  • For reviews based on personal hands on experiences for a wide range of smartphones and tablets.
  • For extensive and detailed information on specifications, features and prices.
  • It’s a user centric blog to help users in taking well-versed buying decisions.
  • It offers users with an opportunity to ask questions/doubts regarding any smartphone or tablet.

TecworkZ’s sole focus is on its users/subscribers and it provides them with best in class information regarding smartphones and tablets.

To strengthen our relationship with our users we are starting a new feature where users can ask us to review a device about which they want to know more. We will try that device and provide our users with honest review based on hands on experience with that device. You can make the request through the contact form on Contact Us page.

TecworkZ is always there for you.

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