Airtel 4G service extended to Pune.

airtel 4g After launching 4G in Kolkata and Bengaluru, Airtel 4G service is launched in Pune. Airtel is the first telecom provider in India to offer 4G service.

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4G supports a theoretical download speed of 100mbps which is several times faster than 3G speed. Airtel is providing an option between USB 4G LTE dongle and 4G LTE indoor wireless gateway devices to its customers. Offer price of both the devices is Rs 4999. For the latest tariff plans and Airtel 4G plans click here.

With smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S3 and upcoming Apple iPhone 5 supporting 4G many customers are expecting carriers to provide 4G capable SIM cards.

Hopefully soon enough Airtel and other carriers will launch 4G ready SIM cards for its customers who want to experience blazing fast 4G internet on their 4G enabled smartphones.

UpdateAirtel 4G : India’s first 4G LTE on mobile.


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