Apple launched 4th generation iPad.

ipadApple has launched the 4th generation iPad and they are calling it The iPad with Retina Display. Apple was expected to make minor changes to the 3rd generation iPad, like adding in the lightning connector and making it a bit thinner, but Apple surprised everybody by bringing in the 4th generation iPad to replace the 3rd generation iPad.

The exteriors of The iPad with Retina Display are the same as the 3rd generation but instead of old 30 pin dock connector it has the new smaller and reversible Lightning connector. Apple was expected to make the new tablet thinner and lighter but clearly this is not the case. Major changes had been made on the inside of this device. 4th generation iPad is powered by the latest A6X chip with quad-core graphics at its heart, which is 2x faster than the A5X processor. Apple iPhone 5 which is the latest phone by apple has an A6 processor which is blazing fast, A6X processor is expected to be even more powerful than the A6 chip.

The Retina Display remains unchanged, however there have been big changes to  the wireless performance of The iPad with Retina Display. LTE now supports even more carriers and countries. WiFi is now upgraded to dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n and now offers twice as fast speeds making it even more capable to deal with new spectrums.

The iPad with Retina Display is also packed with a 720p FaceTime camera on the front with an 5MP iSight rear camera.

Price of the 4th generation iPad remains the same as of the previous generation iPad.


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