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iPhone 5C

Apple finally unveiled iPhone 5C along with iPhone 5S on 10th September, 2013. There were lot of pictures and videos of plastic iPhone floating around on the internet.Honestly, i was hoping for them to be true because the colours and seamless polycarbonate rear shell looked really good. The rumours also suggested that iPhone 5C will be priced considerably lower than the current iPhone prices.The rumours about the name iPhone 5C and it being available in various colours with polycarbonate back turned out to be true, but those about lower price point did not.(more on that later in the post)


iPhone 5C colours
iPhone 5C features a complete new design compared to the iPhone 5 or iPhone4/4S. The back of the phone is crafted out of single piece of Polycarbonate, this actually looks pretty good and gives the phone a rigid feel. Front of the device features 4-inch Retina display similar to that of the iPhone 5. Apple has made this phone available in 5 colours Green, Pink, Blue, White, Yellow so now you can choose your favorite colour. In addition, colour-matched wallpapers look and feel great to use.

Also available are custom covers which give further opportunity to play with the look of your iPhone. These covers have rubberized feel and ability to protect your phone from considerable impact. The cut-outs in covers really help the colours of iPhone 5C to pop out. You can even purchase multiple coloured covers to mix and match to change the feel of your device.

At 132 grams this phone packs in slightly more weight compared to 112 grams of iPhone 5/5S, but this gives the polycarbonate phone a rich feel in your hand.


Apple has featured 5C with same 4-inch Retina display with display resolution of 1136×640, 326ppi as iPhone 5. This is a great display, text is crisp and images are super sharp also this display has no viewing problem in direct sunlight. Apple’s retina display is one of the best out there in smartphones. Apple went with same 4-inch Retina display because according to them, increase in the size of screen at this stage has to be met with certain trade-offs in battery life and quality of the display, which might not satisfy the customers.

Tim Cook has said several times that Apple will make phones with larger screen when technology exists so that they don’t have to make any trade-offs and customers could have a great experience.

iPhone 5C

While iPhone 5C packs in same Apple dual-core 1.3GHz A6 processor featured in its predecessor iPhone 5, it is by no means out of date. A6 chip is a year old but it still has better performance than most up to date chips in Android running devices. Apple gives more importance to optimizing the processor to work better with the software than just packing more GHz on to the processor. Thus Apple’s 1.3GHz dual-core processor handles graphics and heavy apps far better than those of higher GHz quad-core processors in the market.

Battery capacity on the iPhone 5C is increased to 1507 mAh from 1440 mAh of iPhone 5. This looks as a small increase in number but due to optimized hardware and software this increases the usage time to 10 hours from earlier 8 hours, and 250 hours of standby time.

 iPhone 5C supports more LTE bands than any other phone out there. This makes it easier to carry this phone around the world and still be able to use LTE available on various bands throughout the world.


The rear camera on 5C is 8MP iSight camera also featured in iPhone 5, which still is one of the best in the industry. The FaceTime camera in the front is upgraded to 1.2MP 720p HD resolution with back-light illumination for clearer and sharper video calls and self-shots.


iOS 7

iOS 7
iPhone 5C runs the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system which is iOS 7. This generation of iOS is the biggest upgrade since the original iPhone back in 2007. The new operating system is completely different in looks and feel compared to the earlier versions. iOS 7 is re-designed to look young and trendy, it looks great on all Apple mobile devices and adds a lot of new features to the phone. Colour matched wallpapers looks great on 5C because of iOS 7.

The phone will be available in 16GB and 32GB storage capacities. For some reasons Apple decided not to give 5C in 64GB capacity.


According to the rumours, iPhone 5C was supposed to cost considerably lower than iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S. Apple on the other hand never said they will bring out a cheap phone. Continuing with pricing trends of Apple, they launched 5C at $99 for 16GB and $199 for 32GB with standard 2 years U.S contract, and unsubsidized rate of $549 for 16GB and $649 for 32GB in the U.S. This has been a deal breaker for many people around the world as they expected the phone to be free on contract and near $350-$400 mark for unsubsidized ones.

The phone goes on sale on September 20th in 10 countries like U.S, China, Australia, Japan and others. The pre-orders begin on September 13th.

We will have a full review of iPhone 5C once we get one in our hands.

Stay tuned for the review and please feel free to leave your views on iPhone 5C in the comments section below.

Apple iPhone 5C Yellow

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