iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5S : Full comparison


Are you wondering if iPhone 6 is better than iPhone 5S? Or you just can’t decide which one to buy?
Read this comparison to get your answers.


The first difference that you notice in the new iPhone 6 is that it has a bigger display and is wider than all previous generation iPhones; yet Apple has somehow managed to make it even thinner than the iPhone 5S.

iphone 6 vs iphone 5s thin

The beautiful chamfered edges that we saw on the iPhone 5S are no more to be found on the iPhone 6, instead it has rounded edges on all its sides. The curved glass on the front is perfectly matched with the aluminum curved back; this gives a seamless feel when you swipe your finger from the side on to the screen.

Taking a look around both these devices, on the left side are the volume up and down buttons. But as you can see in the image above that the volume buttons on the iPhone 6 are now elongated and not round as on the iPhone 5S. The mute switch is in the same place on both the devices.

Moving towards the bottom, on both the devices we have a 3.5mm headphone jack, a microphone, lightning connector and a speaker. The speaker grill on the iPhone 6 has a new design and the speaker sounds better than that of the iPhone 5S.

iphone 6 vs iphone 5s speakers

On the right side, the iPhone 6 has the power button just above the Nano SIM tray, and the iPhone 5S has the power button at the top.

Both these phones have anodized aluminum back, but on the back of iPhone 6 we don’t have white or black colored bands like we see on the iPhone 5S, instead we have an uni-body aluminum back and antenna bands at the top and bottom. The apple logo at the back of the iPhone 5S is itched on the aluminum back but that on the iPhone 6 is made up of stainless steel.

iphone 6 vs iphone 5s back

Watch the video comparison between iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S here.


Despite the larger screen and bigger body, you can use the iPhone 6 comfortably with one hand. You just have to slightly adjust how you grip the phone and you can easily cover the whole screen while using it with one hand. However, if you feel that you cannot reach the top of the screen, apple has added a feature called Reachability, where you just double tap on the touch id sensor and the whole display just slides down so that you can easily reach the buttons/apps or toggles that are at the top of the screen.

The new Placement of the power button on the iPhone 6 makes it easier to lock and unlock the phone.


iphone 6 vs iphone 5s display

iPhone 5S has a 4-inch retina display with a resolution of 1136×640 pixels. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch retina HD display with a resolution of 1334×750 pixels. This is the first time apple has put HD screen on an iPhone.
The larger display of the iPhone 6 has 38% more pixels than that of iPhone 5S.
Both these phones have a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch. With the new dual-domain pixel structure the iPhone 6 has higher viewing angles and much better contrast ratio compared to the iPhone 5S.


iPhone 5S has an A7 64-bit dual core processor clocked at 1.3GHz and 1GB of ram, and the iPhone 6 has an A8 64 bit dual core processor clocked at 1.4GHz and also comes with only 1GB of ram.
The A8 processor has 25% faster CPU and 50% faster graphics capabilities than the A7 processor.
iPhone 5S is still a very fast smartphone and it can run any apps and games you throw at it, but the iPhone 6 does it even better.

Apps load faster on the newer iPhone and it does not heat up even while playing graphic intensive games for a long period of time.


Both the phones have Touch ID sensor that allows you to unlock your device with just your fingerprint.
The new Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 6 is not only more accurate and faster but it also understands gestures. When you double tap on the home button the whole display slides down making it easier to use the device with one hand.

With Touch ID you can authorize payments via Apple Pay. On iPhone 5S you can use this feature for online transactions only, but thanks to the NFC chip on the iPhone 6, you can use Touch ID to authorize contactless Apple Pay transactions, which for now is only available in the US.


iphone 6 vs iphone 5s camera

Both the phones have 8-Megapixel iSight camera with f/2.2 aperture and a true tone flash. What’s new in the iPhone 6 is a new sensor with focus pixels, which helps in super fast focus and improved face detection while taking pictures. These focus pixels also help in continuous auto focus while taking videos.

Watch image and video samples taken by iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S here.


iPhone 5S came with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of built-in memory which are traditional memory options offered by apple for quite some time now. However, the storage options on the iPhone 6 also start at 16gb but after that apple has skipped the 32gb variant and instead now offers 64gb and 128gb storage options. These are good changes considering the fact that the new 64gb and 128gb options are available at same price at which apple last year offered the 32gb and 64gb iPhone 5S respectively.


The iPhone 5S packs in a 1570mAh battery inside its back while the iPhone 6 comes with a 1810mAh battery inside it. Both the phones have non-removable batteries. While the battery capacity on the iPhone 6 is slightly higher, it still has to power a larger display. Apple claims that the new A8 processor is very energy-efficient and you can get a lot more usage out of the iPhone 6 compared to the iPhone 5S, but in my tests the battery performance on the iPhone 6 is just marginally better than that of the iPhone 5S. With the bigger battery I was able to squeeze in an hour and a half or sometimes two hours of more usage from the iPhone 6 compared to the iPhone 5S.

I would have preferred if instead of making iPhone 6 super thin, apple would have put a bigger battery to make it last significantly longer than the iPhone 5S.


So is iPhone 6 better than iPhone 5S? Yes it definitely is.

But the answer to the question that should you choose iPhone 6 over iPhone 5S, depends on what you are looking for in your next phone. If you are using an iPhone 5 or earlier and you need a bigger display in your next phone, or if you take a lot of photos and videos and you need a better camera on a smartphone, or if for some reason you need 128gb of built-in storage, then you should definitely go for the iPhone 6.

But if these things are not on the top of your list and you don’t want to spend much on the new iPhone 6, then you should get an iPhone 5S, which is now available at a lower price. It is still a very fast smartphone and can do everything that you might expect from a smartphone.

You can watch the video comparison between iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S here.

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