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On September 9th, 2014 after the launch of Apple’s bigger and thinner smartphones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Tim Cook had One More Thing to introduce to the world – Apple Watch.

apple watch

Apple Watch features an all-new user interface optimized for its wrist-sized display.
The Apple Watch has a sapphire display, built-in gyroscope, accelerometer, a heart rate sensor, and a Taptic Engine for input sensing.

apple watch sensors

Apple has always brought new ways to interact with its devices – with the original Mac they brought in the Mouse, with the iPod they brought in click wheel and with the original iPhone they introduced Multi-touch gestures, so the smaller Apple watch needed a new type of interface to interact with. According to Tim Cook tapping the screen across a smartwatch covers the whole screen and pinch to zoom is also not very comfortable on a smaller display, So Apple Watch uses a rotating button on the side of the watch – dubbed the “digital crown” by Apple – which turns for adjusting functions including zooming and setting the time – no pinching to zoom required. The Crown also functions as the home button.

In case you are wondering, a wireless, inductive charging pad that magnetically connects to the back of the watch charges the Apple Watch.

apple watch charging

The Apple Watch knows when you lift your wrist to look at it, and activates the display. The watch interface will heavily center around notifications and like Android Wear, it will feature the ability to send quick replies, but with an Apple twist, the watch will look at the text and analyze that to automatically select a few possible replies. The watch also features customizable animated emoji.

Apple watch is a comprehensive health and fitness device. Not only will it count your steps and track your heartbeat; it counts your calories burned, how much activity you’ve done all day, even whether you’ve stood up recently. The watch is also designed to “learn” about the wearer, suggesting fitness goals. All of this works in co-ordination with the fitness app on the iPhone to allow you to keep track of your longer-term fitness progress.

Apple Watch will be available in two sizes and three different “collections” (Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition) beginning in early 2015 at a base price of $349. When it comes to choose the right size and belt for you, you will have six types of belts to choose from and lots of customization options.

apple watch belts

As expected, Apple watch will work with iPhones (iPhone 5 and higher). We do not have an official word on how long will the batteries last on this watch, but Tim Cook in the keynote said that you could charge it at the night, which suggests that it will last only a day, which is the case with all smart watches out there. We hope that before the launch in 2015, Apple makes some breakthrough in the battery department of the Apple Watch, to make it last longer than a day.

What do you think of the Apple’s Smart Watch? Are you going to buy one? Let us know in the comments section.

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