New features in Apple’s iOS 7.1. Will we love it? Let’s find out


New features and changes in Apple’s iOS 7.1


Apple has released iOS 7.1 little over a week ago and we spent a lot of time using iOS 7.1 on iPhone 5s, iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini before we write this review. iOS 7.1 was in beta testing for a long time and we will find out if Apple managed to make all the right improvements in this first major update to iOS 7 since September, 2013. Instead of adding lot of new features, Apple has tried to make number of small improvements to existing features and design.

Let’s see what has changed in iOS 7.1

Speed :

First impression after updating our devices to iOS 7.1 was that “It is FAST”. Everything from unlocking the lock screen to opening the apps, switching between apps, accessing notification center and control center seems to be very fast. Overall experience of using the iDevice is a lot speedier. iPhone 5s, iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini are all very fast devices but this update made them even better. iOS 7.1 is by no doubt the fastest iOS yet. We have also seen reports that iPad 2 and iPhone 4 users have seen a huge improvement in terms of speed by updating to iOS 7.1.

Bugs Fixed :

In iOS 7, the number of apps that crashed was high (unusually high on iPhone 5s), also some users complained of random shut down and restart of their devices. There is a good news for all these users, Apple seems to have solved this bug in the new iOS 7.1. We have not yet experienced any crashed apps or random shut down and restart on any of our devices.

Battery Life :

As it happens after every iOS update, some users experienced that the battery on their iDevices drained faster than before. In our tests iPhone 5s and Retina iPad Mini were not affected by battery drain problem but the iPad Air did seem to run out of battery faster than usual. This is not a big issue, by some minor adjustments and changes in settings the battery drain problem in our iPad Air was resolved. You can follow these steps to improve the battery performance of your iDevices.

Visual Changes :

There are many visual changes to the user interface in iOS 7.1, lets have a look at major changes.

call and end buttons iOS 7.1

Call and call end buttons are now round in shape instead of rectangles.


Slide to answer button also has a new look.


Slide to Power off screen has a new look, the font has better visibility now.


You can now turn on button shapes in iOS 7.1, many users wanted this feature.

                                          reduce transparency

A new feature allows the user to turn folder bag round and dock to dark grey and improves readability.


Other changes

Camera App.

iPhone 5s users have a new Auto HDR feature. Instead of manually setting HDR mode, you can enable Auto HDR so that your iPhone can automatically decide whether or not to use HDR mode for a photograph. This feature is limited to iPhone 5s users.


With iOS 7.1 update Apple has introduced new feature to Siri called “Push to Talk”. With this new feature you can press and hold the home button to activate Siri and ask the question, you can release the home button as soon as you are done speaking and Siri will process your request. Earlier Siri had to guess when you are done speaking so the required response needed more time to execute. This is a good improvement to Siri.


Apple has also made subtle changes to the keyboard. The font is slightly more bold. The shift and delete buttons have also been tweaked slightly. The background of the keyboard also seems to be slightly lighter than in iOS 7. It seems to add more contrast and makes the letters easier to see. Some changes to the Shift and Caps Lock key also have been made in the keyboard to make it clear when the keys are enabled.


We think iOS 7.1 is the most powerful iOS yet, it brings great features and improvements. Let us know your views on iOS 7.1 in the comments section below.

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