WWDC 2014 : What to expect at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in 2014


Apple wwdc 2014

Apple has announced that WWDC 2014 will be held from June 2 to June 6 at the Moscone West convention center in San Francisco, California. We expect Apple’s CEO Tim Cook to begin the Keynote presentation with few other Apple executives. We expect Tim Cook to reveal a lot of statistics and numbers related to the entire ecosystem of Apple’s products. This will be followed by a sneak peak at iOS 8 and OS X 10.10.

Let us have a look at what we are likely to see at the WWDC 2014.

iOS 8

We will definitely see Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 8 at WWDC 2014. Last year Apple changed the look and feel of iOS entirely, we will not see that happening this year, iOS 8 will carry the design and feel that is similar to iOS 7.  We will however see some new features and apps being added in iOS 8. From the leaked screenshot of iOS 8, we expect to see new apps like Healthbook, TextEdit and Preview.

textedit-preview-ios 2

Apple is expected to announced major improvements to the Maps app in iOS 8 with improved points-of-interest data, public transit directions in select cities and indoor mapping.

Apple is considering adding inter-app communication ability in iOS 8, a feature that has long been requested by the iOS developer community to better facilitate sharing of information between apps. With inter-app communications, you could edit a photo in one app, and post it to another, without the need to hop between the two apps.

We may also see some improvements to Siri.

Apple will most likely release the beta version of iOS 8 to developers of its iOS developer program immediately after the announcements.

OS X 10.10

It’s also known that Apple will unveil its next Mac operating system at WWDC 2014. According to the latest speculations, OS X 10.10 could take some inspiration from the iOS 7 design.As for precise information on new OS X 10.10 features, well, there isn’t any. It’s all speculation at this point.

Apple is also likely to release beta version of OS X 10.10 to developers of its Mac developer program immediately after the announcements.

MacBook Air


Apple is said to be working on an updated 12-inch MacBook that includes a Retina display. This 12-inch Macbook is said to be even slimmer than existing MacBook Airs. We are not sure if it will be joining Apple’s product line in this event, but MacBook Air is up for update since last model came out a year ago. It will be great to have a retina display on MacBook Air in even slimmer form factor.

Apple TV

Apple-TV_Snapseed 2It’s been two years since Apple released a major update for the Apple TV, we’re hoping that Apple has got something amazing up its sleeve. Rumors have suggested that a redesigned set-top box with support for iOS games and possibly a full App Store is in the works.

Along with support for games and iOS 7 controllers, the set-top box is expected to feature an improved processor. There’s also a possibility that Apple has a major content announcement in the works, as the company is said to be working on deals with Time Warner and Comcast.

Mac Mini

Mac Mini has not been refreshed since October 2012, so we expect the Mac Mini to get an update at WWDC 2014. A refresh could bring Haswell processors with Iris integrated graphics and 802.11ac Wi-Fi support.

We expect a lot more details to be revealed as we get closer to the event so don’t forget to join our Facebook Page, Follow us on Twitter and add us to your circles on Google Plus for the latest updates.

What do you hope to see at WWDC 2014? Let us know in the comments.

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